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For customers

Agricultural complex «AVILAT» is ready to offer cooperation in the wholesale supply of vegetables, grain and industrial crops. We work with VAT.

We provide services for processing, drying and storage of grain and industrial crops.
The possibility of delivery and export is estimated individually.

Raw material
storage services

We have modern spacious facilities for the storage and processing of grain and industrial crops, which allows us to:
Quickly accept grain in compliance with technical regulations.
Preserve grains of wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower and other crops in industrial volumes.
Process grains.
Carry out drying, calibration and packing of grain.
The cost of grain storage is calculated individually, depending on the volume of products and the availability of additional services.
To order grain storage and processing services, fill in the form below. Our manager will contact you and answer your questions.
The AVILAT company is ready to purchase agricultural land.

We are looking for land with an area of at least 1 hectare. Before purchasing we conduct research on the qualitative characteristics of the soil and location features.
Our company has been operating since 1997, during which time it has taken a leading position in the supply of vegetables, grain and industrial crops in the Republic of Bashkortostan, having proved itself as a reliable business partner.
We have nothing to hide, we provide customers with full information about the terms of transaction and provisions of the contract.

We value our partners and guarantee full compliance with the payment terms.
We guarantee:
Payment right on time
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